We count on the generosity of our volunteers to help make our programs and services happen.  Discover the many ways you can volunteer your time with Algoma Family Services Foundation.
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There are many volunteer opportunities at Algoma Family Services Foundation. Whether you would like to join our Board of Directors, sit on a fundraising committee or help out with an event – there is something for you!


Making a Difference

Volunteers are the heart and soul of many programs in the Algoma District. We simply could not do what we do without the support of our amazing volunteers. The contributions our volunteers make have a profound influence on the journey forward for those finding their way. Consider how you can make a difference in the lives of people in our community.

With Your Support

Thank you so much for considering volunteering your time and expertise with Algoma Family Services Foundation. Our volunteers are amongst our greatest strengths. Volunteers make invaluable contributions to our agency, and we simply would not be able to provide the level of service that we do without your support!

Board of Directors

Algoma Family Services Foundation welcomes applications for potential Board Members who can help us construct and implement our annual strategic development plan in support of our vision and purpose. Applications are welcomed from all interested citizens.

• Must be 18 years of age
• Reside in the District of Algoma
• Cannot be an undischarged bankrupt
• Share in the mission of Algoma Family Services Foundation
• Comply with the Bylaws, Policies and Procedures of Algoma Family Services Foundation

Length of Term:
A Board Member’s Term is three consecutive years.

Board Member Responsibilities:
• Review the Foundation’s mission and purposes annually.
• Construct and approve strategic plans.
• Attend Board meetings and actively participate in at least one committee.
• Support the Foundation financially at an appropriate level.
• Demonstrate support for the Foundation by personally attending and participating in Foundation activities wherever possible.
• Ensure there are appropriate staffing levels to support fundraising plans.
• Fulfill commitments within agreed upon deadlines.
• Participate in board orientation to ensure an understanding of the charity.
• Ensure funds are used only to support the Foundation’s mission and purpose.
• Take initiative in informing the Foundation about opportunities for funding or program development.
• Provide leadership within the board and in the community on behalf of Algoma Family Services Foundation.
• Identify and recruit other committed and concerned individuals to serve as volunteers in support of Foundation goals, including new board members.

Committee Member

The Foundation forms and runs many committees throughout the year to help with organizing our fundraising events. Our two main committees are our Golf Committee and Savvy Seconds Committee. Committee members help to plan and run the event. They are essential for our Fundraising events!

If you are looking to donate your time, creativity and hard work while having fun and contributing meaningfully to society, then ask us today about joining one of our committees.

Volunteer for a Fundraising Event

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our fundraising events throughout the year. Whether it be selling tickets for our Great Escape Dream Draw or helping with our Golf Fore Kids Tournament. During the Great Escape Dream Draw, volunteers have the opportunity to receive commission for ticket sales!

That’s right, you can volunteer AND make a little extra cash. Call us today at (705) 945.5050 to see what volunteer opportunities are available for you.

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Call us today at (705) 945.5050 to see what volunteer opportunities are available for you or fill out a form here.  

For more information please call the Foundation Office at (705) 945.5050 or send an email to


How can you help? We have many options for those who would like to donate.